Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tips for Furnace Repair and Replacement

How do you know if it is time for furnace repair, or if you should replace the whole hvac system? Here are some tips to help you know if you can fix the existing unit or if you should consider purchasing a new one.
If the furnace is older than 15 years, it is time to call a professional to perform a thorough check-up and to see if there are problems that need to be fixed. The same applies if the air conditioner or the heat pump is older than ten years. A professional expert can perform an overall check to see if the unit should be replaced, if there are any repairs that need to be done and if there are ways that the performance of the unit can be improved. Even if you do not need to buy a new unit or to replace the furnace, any heating and cooling unit that is older than ten years should be checked professionally. If you need a professional in your area, check out Champs HVAC.
If some of the rooms in the house feel warmer or colder than others, if you need to keep fixing regular problems in the system or if you have noticed higher energy bills in the recent past without an actual reason, it might be time to replace the furnace. If you replace it with a newer model that has the government’s “energy star”, you can end up saving money as the new models are much more efficient and can save as much as 20% in your air conditioning and heating bills. If you do not need to buy a new heating and air conditioning unit, but are considering investing in a new furnace, an energy star –labeled furnace can save around 5% in your heating bills if it is installed professionally. Make sure it includes a thermostat you can program to switch the system on or off.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Electricians - What You Need To Become One

What does it takes to be an electrician? You may be considering a career in this field and don't know where to start. If you are the type who love wires, fuses, and just about anything to do with electricity, then joining the ranks of master electricians may just be the right path for you. It is the electrician who installs, troubleshoots and maintains all types of electrical systems.

What are the qualities and characteristics required to become a master electrician? For one, you should be physically fit as it requires deep stamina to carry equipments and supplies. Secondly, you should have good hand-eye coordination, agility and ability to work in small places. Third, you must be able to perform simple math accurately as you need to be able to calculate voltage, amps, power, and loads on the fly. Fourth, you should definitely have an understanding of the basics of electrical terms, theories and plans. Lastly, you must be comfortable working with heights. Take note that this job is risky so you must know the best practices and precautions in preventing injury from electric shocks.

Becoming an electrician doesn't happen overnight, it takes a lot of study. Requirements vary from state to state. If you have already finished high school, that is one requirement that you can mark off the checklist in becoming an electrician. Consider enrolling in technical schools so you can upgrade your skills. Getting licensed is the best way as it will give you more opportunities to earn more money in the future.

You can later find career options in construction, home or office repair, or even start your own freelance or home-based business. This is a thriving profession and in the next decades, it will continue to be in demand. As long as electricity is here to stay and more buildings are being built that run on it, electricians will never be out of a job.

For more information on electricians, visit Champs Electrical, a blog maintained by Atlanta electricians.

Friday, August 6, 2010

All About Handicapped Bathtubs

Handicapped bathtubs or walk-in tubs are the special bathtubs for those who have mobility issues. There are different types of models available, and all models come with a door that can be opened or closed. The door is always properly sealed to prevent the water leakage. These tubs are provided with non-slippery surfaces on the seat as well as on the floor to reduce slip and prevent injury. Some handicap bathtubs are even provided with handle bars on the sides of the bathtub to add more stability and control.

There are also therapeutic whirlpool models that are specially designed for people with muscle soreness, joint aches, or circulation problem. Most of the models have low curbs making it easy for people with disabilities to use the tub. The doors in the tub can be moved out or in depending on the need of an individual. The tubs allow access even in sitting or standing position and this is the ideal model for those who really want to submerge in the water. A handicap bathtub is also suitable for elderly people with health conditions such as Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

These bathtubs are available in different style and size. Some models look like an ordinary tub with an extra side door. Some look like Jacuzzis with one seat and some are raised up to wheelchair height for easy access. The main benefit of getting this tub is safety. Stepping over a ledge is not safe, but walking through a door is very simple and safe. The handicap bathtubs are little expensive, but most of the insurance providers today provide coverage for the cost of this bathtub since it is considered as the medical device.

This bathtub makes life simple and more convenient. Moreover, this tub provides more independence and safety.

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Red Chandelier Provides a Striking Decor Accent

A red chandelier is not likely to be the first option one would consider in decorating a room. However, it can serve as a striking decor accent or become the focal point of a dining room. This item is not as difficult to find and you might imagine. There are products in stores and online, made of nearly every material the item of a different color would be. Centuries ago this item was commonly used in churches, made of wood and nails to hold candles. Wealthier homes had more ornate fixtures in this color.

A traditional or classic fixture uses lucite beads to replace crystals. The entire piece is covered in the bright color and it provides plenty of shimmer, just like crystal or glass. It can be found at Home Depot for around $150. It holds six candle bulbs and uses a large red ball in the center.

You can spend thousands on a small chandelier made of hand blown glass and brass framework. However, you do not need a large budget to own an attractive piece. There are plenty of options in the $100 to $200 price range that are very stylish options. Some are more modern, while others are made in a more traditional style, with scroll work and many beads strung in a highly organized fashion.

One model consists of a single tier round polished nickel frame, with five bases of the dark amber and white shades. It is very simple, yet elegant. Such a piece will draw plenty of attention to the area. A chrome frame with candles bulbs, and shade cover of this color provide a very trendy look.

If you want something a bit simpler, a single pendant model is always a great choice. Such a product can be hung as high or low as you want, so it can be placed where it will provide the most desirable amount of light, while still making a statement. At around $95, it is a very affordable option.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Understanding HVAC Basics

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) refers to a system that combines both heating and air conditioning for indoor or car use. The mechanism behind it is simple: It contains an air conditioning aspect that converts water to vapor to provide the cooling effect, and a heating system that heavily relies on heat pump or furnace to supply constant heating that is perfect during winter seasons. The way heating operates is that it has a warming exchange where air is converted to warm air.

To understand the refrigeration and heating activities of an HVAC, picture out an air being sucked into the system. The heat elements of this air get removed and only the cold part is filtered in. HVAC has a compressor that converts this to hot coolants so that when they reach the coils, all heat is gone and what's left is condensed liquid. This is then absorbed by the expansion valve where it turns into cold vapor.

As the vapor passes through evaporator coils, it picks up heat which subsequently produces cool air and is distributed throughout the enclosed space. The heating process is relatively simple. The two main components responsible for the delivery of hot air are the heat pump and furnace. They simply sucks in and converts air into warm air to be used in homes or offices.

One type of HVAC system is the furnace and condensing system. In this type of equipment, air is sucked from external sources using ERV and HRVs that substitutes HVAC air with fresh external air from the environment while attempting to recoup energy in the system before releasing the dirtier air that has already been processed. When purchasing an HVAC, make sure there is an efficient system that makes use of electricity and natural gas in pumping out hot and cold air. When having that system installed, be sure to hire a licensed professional. Many companies like Heater Repair Atlanta, offer professional service at reasonable rates. Hiring a pro not only makes sure the job is done right but it also protects the warranty on your new equipment.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Improve Organization with Rolling Storage Units

Finding a dependable and reliable home or office storage can be challenging especially if you are not aware of the existing storage options. One practical and economical solution to keep an organized home or office space is to invest in a dependable rolling storage. Sometimes, opting for fixed storage fixtures is not always the perfect option, especially if space is a concern. Unlike permanent storages, the rolling variety is more flexible in terms of use and application. Since they have built-in wheels, they offer a great way to answer the users ever changing storage needs. In fact, they can be used as a portable storage aside from the permanent storage fixtures that you already have at home.

The best thing about them is the fact that you can conveniently move them around. For instance, if you have children living with you, having a rolling cabinet storage would certainly come in handy. You can tidy up the room in an instant by rolling the cabinet storage into the cluttered area of the house. Since children love to play with their toys, you can teach them to store their toys in the rolling cabinets after they finish playing with them. This way, you will not only keep the house organized at all times but you can also impart the importance of house organization to your kids. At an early age, they will already learn how to become systematic.

Rolling storage units can be practically used in any areas that require additional storage. Unlike the typical storage containers, the rolling variety can be easily stored in any available storage area. Moreover, they are portable and easy to use. They come in many different forms such as carts, drawers, and cabinets. They can store a broad array of items including papers, toys, hand tools, and many more. These units are also constructed in varying materials like wood, plastic, aluminum, and metal. Rolling office or home storage units are now widely sold in different local retail shops, online shopping sites, and department stores.

Furthermore, they come in many different models that include different features. Some models are even designed to serve dual purposes. They can be integrated in office spaces, garages, inconspicuous rooms, and other areas that need to be kept organized. They are sold in a broad range of styles, from two file rolling drawers, three-file rolling cabinets, up to multi-functional rolling carts. They typically come with numerous compartments, which can be used to stash all kinds of items. They can be acquired in varying sizes depending on the amount of items that you need to store inside them.

With that said, investing in rolling storage units will not only allow you to eliminate clutter but will also help you keep a neat and more organized space.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Simple Yet Effective Steps to Clean Your Glass Sinks

The use of glass sinks is now fast becoming a popular trend among bathroom designs. These sinks can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to any room that they are installed in. They practically come in a wide array of designs, styles, types, sizes, shapes, and forms.

If you happen to own one, you should know how to properly care for it so you will be able to maximize its use. Maintaining sinks that are made of glass is not that difficult. In fact, you can preserve the alluring appeal and stylish look of your sink with just a few easy tricks.

Whether you are cleaning a glass bath sink or a glass kitchen sink, these steps will surely help you to successfully accomplish the task.

First and foremost, you have to gather the materials needed in cleaning the sink. The cleaning items that you’ll need are as follows:

  • Vinegar and water
  • Newspaper
  • Non-abrasive cloth and Windex
Once you have prepared all the above-mentioned materials, you may now begin with the actual cleaning. On that regard, here some great tips that you should follow:

  • Create a vinegar mixture by mixing water and vinegar. Used the combined mixture to remove water spots or stains on the surface of the glass sink. Water spots are usually formed when water is left to dry on the sink’ surface.
  • To avoid the formation of water spots, make it a habit to wipe the sink after each use.
  • Apart from the vinegar mixture, you may also spray Windex on the surface of the sink and then wipe it with a newspaper. Doing so will help your sink to look squeaky clean.
  • When wiping the sink, make sure to use a non-abrasive cloth to avoid scratching or damaging its surface.
  • To remove unsightly scratches, it is advised to hire a professional to do the repair. Although there are home repair kits that claim to effectively eliminate scratches on a glass sink, not all of them can live up to what they advertise.
Be sure to take note of the information provided in this article to help you prolong the life and preserve the beauty of your glass sinks.